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Six Questions with Ada Adams

Today I have Six Question Sunday for you. Yesterday we had an impromptu visit to my hometown that kept me away from the computer most of the day. I didn't even check Facebook. I know, I know. Crazy!

But, since this interview is so awesome, I decided to bring it to you today rather than wait an entire week! Please welcome my friend Ada Adams to Six Questions!

How long did it take you to write your first draft? Did that change in book two?

The first draft of ReVamped took much less time to write than ReAwakened. I first wrote ReVamped as a TV show pilot and had the entire season plotted out so I already developed the story and the characters in detail before I even began to write the book. Even though the pilot episode only matched up to the first two chapters of the book and the characters changed a lot after drafting the novel, it was still easier to write the story with such a strong base. With ReAwakened I had a lot more freedom as I didn't want to plot out the entire series right away. I really took my time with plotting and drafting, though the writing aspect didn't take too long (since I tend to lock myself away with bags of chocolate and just write for days). I really wanted the characters and their actions to lead the story. That's probably why the ending changed three times throughout the process of writing ReAwakened. It went from an okay ending, to an exciting one, to a WHOA, WHAT?! and it's completely the fault of my characters. I have ReBorn already plotted out, but I'm not sure if that will be the conclusion to the series or if we're going to go on! I feel like I could play in this world forever, so I suppose it's up to the fans! :) Not to mention, ReAwakened is exactly twice the size of ReVamped!

Did you put your books up on multiple platforms? (ie smashwords, nook, ibooks)

They're currently available only on Amazon. I can't place them on B&N without going through a third-party (B&N is only available to U.S. writers). They're awaiting placement on Kobo, but it's taking a while for some reason. I am considering going through Smashwords to get it on other platforms, because I have been getting many requests from Nook and Kobo readers. I sell most of my print books through different events and signings around the city, which is great because it gives me the opportunity to meet me readers face-to-face!

Why did you decided to self-publish "Angel Creek"?

My reason can be summed up in one word: vampires. It’s a genre that has been “shelved” in this day and age due to over-saturation, although I personally don’t think that readers will ever stop reading innovative vampire tales. I first wrote ReVamped as a television script, but once I turned it into a novel I spent months weighing out my options and deciding between trying to pitch a debut vampire novel or sharing it with my readers right away. I was very inspired by Dawn’s story and wanted others to get to know her as well, so I did a lot of research on self-publishing and decided that for this particular book in this particular genre, it was the way to go.

There is currently much discussion amongst the writing and reading communities when it comes to traditional vs. self-publishing, and sometimes the debate gets heated. To tell you the truth, I’m not on either side of the spectrum. There are some absolutely brilliant indie authors out there, just like there are amazing traditionally published authors. It all comes down to the story.

The self-publishing journey hasn’t been an easy one. There is an immense amount of hard work and even a lot of solitude involved in the process. I am not just a writer, I have to be my own publisher, publicist, etc. Thankfully, I have a great editor and a wonderful cover designer on my team. I have also been very lucky that the books have received so much positive feedback and gained lifelong fans who have helped encourage me while on this path. Bloggers continue to surprise me with their kindness and support. I am a perfectionist and strive to create the best product possible, so my advice for those pursuing self-publishing is that you can’t see your book as being on a different level from traditionally published books. Your readers aren’t going to expect any less just because you don’t have a traditional publisher’s logo stamped on the book’s spine (nor should they)!

Self-publishing can be rewarding because you have so much power over your work, but there’s a lot to be said about the importance of agents and publishers in the industry. I believe that traditional publishers can greatly aid in ensuring that the author’s best work is presented to the readers. I’m currently working on a New Adult Contemporary story that I’m definitely considering pitching. In the end, it all comes down to your passion. Perhaps it takes ten years of pitching it to agents and publishers or ten years of working hard at self-publishing, but as long as you love what you do, the book will find its path.

You have developed a really large fan-base, what are some of the things that have worked best for you when connecting with readers?

I think the best thing that works to connect me with readers is taking the time to chat with them. I love hearing from fans and future readers through Twitter, Facebook, Email, etc. and do my best to take the time each day to answer their questions and chat, no matter how busy things get! I have to admit...I've been MIA this month because I'm currently trying to finish "Heartstrings" (my upcoming standalone novel) and since I tend to get easily distracted by pretty, shiny online things I've put myself on a bit of a phone and internet ban. :)

What is the best tool for authors to get the word out about their books?

Book bloggers. I wouldn't call them "tools", though! I would call them amazing unicorns filled with candy and rainbows! I'm not sure where authors would be without this awesome group of book lovers who dedicate their time to reading our work, loving it, and helping spread the word about it to others! Book Bloggers FTW!

How did you come up with the cover designs for your books?

I looked at many different YA covers and did a lot of research on what stood out, what didn't, etc. I always knew that no matter how much I loved books with pretty dresses on them (and I love them a lot!), it would NEVER work for Dawn's character and her story. I played with the idea of using just an imagine like a white gazebo (since it's pretty important to the story) and checked out various full-body shots of girls with crossbows (because, hey, that's cool and so very Dawn!), but after some more research, I decided that doing a half-face would make the most impact visually and be the most cohesive to the story.

I grew up around design and photography, so thankfully, I had good connections when it came to finding a cover designer. For ReVamped, I worked with a photographer (Olga Barkhatova) who even donated that amazing necklace to the shoot that everyone is raving about (it's from Cuba and it's a fork, and no, I don't own it or have access to duplicates - sorry!) and for ReAwakened, I worked with a photographer (Juliana Kolesova) who does cover work for many traditional publishers, so I knew that "Angel Creek" was in good hands.

Thanks for bearing with me this weekend! I had a great visit with my family and my tiny nephew Ezra!


  1. Amazing interview!!! And I love being a unicorn filled with candy and raibows Ada :)


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