Laura Howard: Being a Daughter


Being a Daughter

We all wear different "hats", sometimes a handful, on any given day. Sometimes I feel like I am so many different things at once, it's hard to categorize myself. Mother, daughter, sister, wife...

Today, I'm a daughter. My dad is buying a new house in an adult (55+) community. My mom passed away in November and it's time to down-size, start looking forward. They'd been married for 38 years, and I'm amazed and inspired by my father's strength. Some days I want to curl up into a ball and cry for my mom, and I think my dad maybe has those days too. But, he has told me many times that he's not ready to give up on this life. Getting through the loss of my mother would have been impossible if it weren't for his show of strength.

I'm so lucky to have this man for a father, just as I was so lucky to have my mom. They both inspire me, and I'm proud today that I'm their daughter... it's a hat I love to wear.

So, what hat are you wearing today? And, more importantly- who inspires you?


  1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss, but it is so touching to see the closeness, support and obvious love your family share. He does sound a remarkable man, and it appears both he and your mother have also succeeded in raising a remarkable daughter.

    With four teenager's, thesedays it feels as though my mummy hat is permanently glued to my head!

  2. Laura, I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. Cherish all the good times. Like you, my Dad inspires me daily. He's inspired me my whole life.

  3. What a wonderful post, Laura. I'm definitely inspired by my father, who is blind yet continues to travel and be active into his late sixties.

  4. I lost my Dad 2005. He was far from good - but I miss him. My mom is a newly divorced 63yr old dating a guy in his forties! She rocks. She stayed in an unhappy relationship for too long and now she wants happiness. They live together in Spain. She inspires me. Shah. I found you via She Writes discussion on blog hops. Came to find yours but can't? ;(



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