Laura Howard: 5 Ways To Get Readers To Beg For More


5 Ways To Get Readers To Beg For More

Did you publish your book expecting to sit back and wait for the readers to discover you and your book?

I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you this:

The days of "discovery" are over. 

The marketplace is saturated with would-be authors vying for readers attention. Social Media makes it easy for authors to connect with readers all around the world.

Depending on how you use it, the internet is an amazing tool you can use to build a highly engaged reader base. Not only will you have raving fans, but you can build real relationships with people who share your interests and values the world over.

Here are 5 ways to create a dedicated following of readers itching for your next release (and probably telling everyone they know about how awesome you are!)

1. Start with an Amazing Book

This is so simple, but think about it: Your book is your best marketing tool. Write a book that leaves your readers wanting more.

There is no marketing plan or media platform that can replace a fabulous story.

2. Forget the Idea That Everyone Will Like Your Work

Not everyone will like your book. And that's okay. Have you liked every book you've come across? I'd guess no.

The truth is, no matter how amazing your book is, some people won't like it. If you write the book you have in your heart, you will find the right readers.

And that will be enough.

3. Build a Fabulous List

Twitter followers are important. Facebook likes are nice. Visitors on your blog are awesome

A mailing list is invaluable.

The thing about email marketing is- if you're a welcome presence in your readers' inbox, you're a part of an ongoing conversation.

When it comes time for a new book release, your list will be the first to know. There's something special about being part of an exclusive group. Your readers will want to help you share your news because it will also be THEIR news.

4. Meet them Where They Are

You're a writer. You want readers. Where do you find them?

Sure, you can find some readers on Twitter and Facebook. But, put on your thinking cap.

Readers read. They want to talk about what they've read AND they want to find new things to read.

Book cataloging sites are filled with what you want- READERS! Think Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing.

Talk with them, learn their names, find out what they want to read. (But, for the love of all things holy- don't try to sell them your book)

If you're not a member of at least one these sites, you're missing out!

Book Bloggers are sometimes overlooked as a gigantic way to get in touch with readers.

Again, if you're not visiting book blogs that review books in your genre- you're missing out!

5. Treat Them Like You Care

You've written the book. You've found people who love your book.

Remember that without them, you are nothing.

And make sure they know it- Engage with them, find out what they want.

Get to know your readers and treat them like they matter.

Hard-selling is never going to work in today's market. The key to success right now is Engagement Marketing.

Consistently follow these 5 steps and you'll have a band of readers evangelizing your books the world wide!

How do you find raving fans for your work? Make sure to leave a comment below with your tips!

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  1. This is soooo spot-on, Laura!!!

    Be grateful, be polite, pay it forward, help other authors.... and say thank you (a lot) I am so appreciative of every single reader who comments on or reviews my books. I answer every email and love to talk about books in general -- ALL books. Just finished On the Island, btw! It was very good :)

    xx, Lauren

    1. Thank you Lauren, See I pay attention!! You know how I feel about you and your web presence! ;)

  2. Thanks, Laura! Awesome tips here, and I definitely second Lauren's comment about being grateful, polite, and paying it forward. I am so grateful for my readers and fellow authors who help me out. There's a great network of indie authors to join and help each other. We all want to see each other do well and it's really an awesome thing to be a part of right now. Loving being a self-pubbed indie author!
    -Savannah Page

    1. Glad to meet you, Savannah! I feel the same way... it truly is a great community :)

  3. This is wonderful advice, Laura! Thanks.

    1. Thanks, Christina... I'm honored you stopped by!

  4. Very timely advice, thank you!

  5. Hi Karen! Thanks for visiting.. glad you liked the post!

  6. Great article and advice Laura. I realize now that reading some of the reviews on Amazon kept me from publishing my first book for a long time. I couldn't believe people could be so cruel over a simple book! After awhile I noticed that even the books I really loved got a few of those awful reviews but it didn't keep the author from publishing new material and it didn't keep me from really enjoying those books. I've yet to get one of those nasty reviews, but it'll happen one of these days and when it does I know now that I'll survive and it won't stop me from continuing to grow or write.

  7. Great post, Laura. Such common sense advice that is easily forgotten in the flury to sell books.


  8. Number 1 is the important point. The only really effective 'marketing' tool (if you don't have a huge marketing budget) is to write a book readers enjoy and recommend to other people. I'm not against authors self-promoting. We all have to do it. But you seem to be suggesting that authors pretend to 'befriend' people, faking interest in them in order to persuade them to like you and buy your book. It's fun if you enjoy it for its own sake (personally I love this kind of interaction with my fans) but as a 'marketing' tool it is time consuming and the chances are that you are befriending other authors playing the same game. Just saying... shoot me down if you think I'm wrong (won't be the first time!)

    1. I think you mistook my meaning, Leigh. I'm absolutely on the same wavelength as you. Befriending people to get them to like your work is NOT what I mean-- but rather being real and making real friendships, that's the way! I love getting to know the authors whose books I read. A great example of this is Neil Gaiman, who still responds to an enormous number of Tweets and Facebook comments even with over a million followers. Sorry if you thought I meant being fake, I hope this clears it up! :)

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  10. This is stuff that I feel should be obvious but maybe it's not. Instantly hitting the share button on this because people need to be slapped in the face with reality and you are just the woman to do the slapping.

  11. I LOVE this post, Laura. I agree completely with everything you say here and you are my go-to person for marketing advice. And honestly, isn't engagement a LOT more fun than hitting people over the head with what you have to sell? There are so many wonderful people out there to meet and get to know. It's really a lot more fun than some people realize. :) I really appreciate you writing this and sharing your knowledge with the world. I feel truly blessed to have met you this year! And I can't wait for the release of your first story. I'll be one of your loudest supporters! :) :)

  12. Thank you for such an informative post, Laura! I'm going to put some of your suggestions into practice right away!

  13. I love your ideas, but I probably won't use my email list to blast the news. I've been really turned off by those impersonal blasts.
    I agree that engaging your readers is the way to go. Nothing turns me off more than when someone tries to sell me something over and over and over...........
    I can't wait until I have something to put out into the world!

  14. Thank you for the advice. This makes a lot of sense.

  15. Thank you Laura for such an informative blog. I am going to share.

  16. Great post Laura and so true! Especially the bit about treating them with care. As a self-pubbed writer it can be hard to get reviews and book tours because book bloggers have been stung by poorly produced self pubbed books before. I think it is super important to look after the reviewers and bloggers you work with, and part of that is providing them with well produced, exciting books to read :)

  17. Once again an engaging thouhgt provoking and helpful post.
    Thanks for all you do.

  18. Fantastic, Laura, you must have been reading my mind when I was thinking of writing for you--you already did it! Great title too!


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