Laura Howard: Six Questions with M Leighton


Six Questions with M Leighton

If you look at the Amazon Top 100, you'd see this author's name more than once. M Leighton is a NYT bestseller and her fanbase is seriously rabid. She's got more than thirteen books published now, with highly anticipated sequels in the works.

Sit back and enjoy her interview, and maybe save a few of her tips to memory on this lovely Fall Saturday.

1. Your road to publication has been an interesting one, what has kept you going through your struggles?

The desire not to go back to a regular job!  LOL  Honestly that does play a role because those don't work out so well for me, but mostly I just want to write truly great books.  So I keep trying:)

2. You have developed a really large fan-base, what are some of the things that have worked best for you when connecting with readers?

To the best of my ability, I respond personally to everyone.  I mean, where would I be without anyone to read my books?  I want every single reader to know that I appreciate them, that I'm thankful that they gave me a chance.

3. You've written a variety of "worlds" do you get crossover readers from your romance novels to your paranormal?

Actually, I do!  I don't know what percentage, but I'd say quite a few of them will read both.  And I'm so grateful!

4. Reviews are important for selling books. How do you go about asking for reviews?

I don't.  LOL  I should, but I don't.  That's probably why I don't have an over abundance of reviews.  I feel like if the emotion is that strong in people, they'll WANT to post a review.  I leave it up to them.

5. Authors wear many hats. What are some marketing strategies that have worked best for you?

I've only recently delved into marketing.  I have my first blog tour coming up, so I'll have to let you know how that goes later.  LOL  I've gifted ARCs to bloggers before, which worked out great with The Wild Ones.  I hope to be trying new things in the very near future, but those are my two biggest efforts to far.

6. Are you available in multiple formats ie Smashwords, Nook, Kindle? Do you believe self-published authors should bother with print books?

At present, I publish to both Nook and Kindle.  I have previously published with Smashwords and I have one book on Kobo, but my primary sellers are B&N and Amazon.  As for print books, I love having mine in print for a variety of reasons.  Is it my bread and butter?  No.  Is it worth it?  To me, yes!! 

Thank you so much for taking time for this interview Michelle! I'd love to hear what you all do to 
connect with readers in the comments, so please do let me know!


  1. great interview. LOVED DOWN TO YOU! Whoo that lady has talent. Cannot wait to read The Wild Ones for the tour!!

    1. Hi Mandy, thanks for stopping by! I just got The Wild Ones and have heard LOTS of good things!!

  2. If I didn't know better, I'd swear we were separated at birth! ;o) It is about the writing, isn't it? I don't ask for reviews either and I don't market. Some people get really upset if they find out your successful but don't market. Why? I haven't a clue!

    Keep up the great work! Looking forward to reading your work.

    Suzan Tisdale

    1. You do fly by the seat of your pants, don't you Suzie? But, just telling people you are a writer is a way of marketing. I think people just get a dirty taste in their mouth when they think of "cold selling" which doesn't work anyway! :D

  3. I just love this author! I have been a fan of hers from the beginning and she is the sweetest, friendliest and most caring author. She is one that has deserved the great fortune of being on the NYT bestseller list. I wish her the best and she is one that will always be an author close to my heart. Luv ya M!

  4. I love this author already:) I'm fine about asking book bloggers for reviews, but if someone tweets me in the stream saying they've enjoyed one of mine, I'm just so overwhelmed with happiness, I couldn't possibly spoil the moment by asking for a review.


  5. I love her so much! Not only is she a great author, she's just a great person. I'm so happy for her continued success and will read everything she writes!;)


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