Laura Howard: Hook an Author Up! GIVEAWAY


Hook an Author Up! GIVEAWAY

As a reader and someone who only wrote for fun, I didn't understand the significance of a book review on Amazon or GoodReads. I would usually leave a review on Goodreads just to share with my fellow book lovers, not thinking about how it affected the author. I think that's pretty normal.

Well, I've since learned how much a review and rating on Amazon can influence a book's success. I think that most of the book lovers of the world would be glad to leave a quick review if they realized how much it impacts the success of an author. Not a seven paragraph, professional review-- but just a sentence or two stating how the book made them feel.

I've invited a few author friends to be part of a giveaway where, in exchange for an Honest review of one (or more) of their books, you get entered in a chance at one of two $30 Amazon Gift Cards or a three-pack of signed paperbacks! I've done it with a Rafflecopter, so it's easy for you to copy/paste your review link right into the form. Simple, right?

I'd like to introduce you to three fabulous, independently published authors- Melissa Brown, author of Bouquet Toss, Tiffany King, author of several books including Unlikely Allies, and Andrea Randall, author of Ten Days of Perfect. They've also shared a review that not only made a difference to their sales, but also affected them personally.


"Melissa's novel is captivating, heart crushing and just plain REAL. Don't let the cover fool you to believe this is a Cinderella story. Pain, anguish, and uncertainty is more like it. I've so rarely seen a debutante author take the risk she took with her novel that I was completely intrigued.

This book has a little bit for all tastes, even if you don't love the story or the characters as much as I did, you will not regret reading it."

~One of my favorite reviews comes from a very picky reader named Luisa. She has amazing taste in books and I love reading her reviews. I was so floored when she a)read Bouquet Toss and b) gave it such a lovely review. Luisa knows her stuff and I'm so honored that she enjoyed my book. Every time I see her review on Goodreads or Amazon, it makes me smile with pride.~ Melissa

"I absolutely adore King's books, all of them, and Unlikely Allies is another gem that I highly recommend to any who enjoy a sound, realistic plot line, swoon worthy characters, a bit of drama, and a triumphant ending."

~This review made me so happy! I was trying to make my story and my characters realistic and I really got the sense that this reader understood what I was trying to do.~ Tiffany


"This author has phenomenal character development and a story that is emotionally captivating. Surprising developments led me to yearn for more. Every turn of the page, every steamy scene, and every musical moment made this book a favorite. Can't wait for more of Ember and Bo!"

~ I worked REALLY hard on developing my characters, giving them all their own personality, so the opening line of this review meant a lot to me. ~ Andrea

Thanks so much for taking part in this Giveaway, ladies! And, readers, can we band together and Hook these Authors up with some reviews? Oh, and if you Tweet or Share on Facebook, you get BONUS points! Let's DO IT!

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  1. It's SOOOO important to leave reviews for books you love! Thanks for the reminder, Laura, and for featuring these three authors!

    xx, Lauren

  2. I wish I had read these already!

    1. It's not too late, Brenna! The giveaway lasts for two weeks!

  3. Love this! Especially now that Amazon is taking away the ability for authors to leave reviews for other authors.

    1. Thanks Heather! When inspired, I think that fans of Indie authors can make up for the changes and make a difference!

  4. Laura, thanks for this reminder to help out other authors. I've never thought about leaving reviews- never wanted to take the time- but I realize now how important it is, and how easy it could be. I'm glad your featured authors gave us some "samples".

  5. Great giveaway! It's like a Learning Giveaway!!! :)

  6. Few things are as satisfying as reading a glowing review of a novel you've poured your heart and soul into creating.

  7. But, please only leave honest, sincere reviews. Without that, we authors get very little feedback that could improve our writing.

  8. OMG this is so exciting it says I won (Charles Erica Mullins) I am so excited awesome giveaway!!!!!!


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