Laura Howard: Which E-reader is On YOUR List?


Which E-reader is On YOUR List?

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A new e-reader is on the top of my list for the Holiday Season. With so many choices, I decided to ask some of my favorite authors what THEIR favorite e-readers are and why.  Hopefully you'll find this list helpful, too!

Bethany LopezI have a Kindle Fire. I like the fact that I can see the covers in color and that it has the same features as a tablet.

Suzan Tisdale - Kindle Fire- I can read books, check emails, listen to music, play videos, all sorts of stuff.  AND check out e-books from the local library without leaving the house.

Rebecca T Dickson- Kindle Paperwhite. I'm a die-hard fan. I love that I can customize the font size, highlight and share quotes, download and read in less than a minute and that it's affordable. (Everyone in my house has his own.)

Tracie Banister- Kindle Fire. I love the instant gratification of being able to buy and read a book immediately, I love that I can slip my e-reader in my purse and take it with me anywhere, I love all the fun features (looking up the definition of a word, highlighting passages, making notes along the way.) And being the cheap-o that I am, I really love being able to buy e-books for a much cheaper price than a hardback or even a paperback. Now I don't have to break the bank with my reading addiction!

Molly Greene- I use the original b&w Kindle,  I love the portability of an e-reader and the fact that I can stuff it with some much reading material. I will never be bored again!

Liz Long- Kindle Fire. The size allows me to carry it everywhere and I love the fact that it has the lit screen - I know it hurts some people's eyes, but it was hard to read at night on my old Kindle even with a nightlight! I also love the highlighting feature so that I can mark certain phrases or character development, as well as make a note of questions I might have if I plan to review the book later. Plus, c'mon - how cool is it to have this gadget and feel like we're headed into Jetsons territory?!

Shannon Mayer- Kindle.I use a regular old Kindle and I love it! It is light and easy to read. AND it free's up my other hand to rub my hubby's back because I can turn the pages with one finger which means we're both happy

Katie and her Nexus
Katie Jennings- I have a Google Nexus 7 tablet that I use as my e-reader, and I absolutely love it! My favorite thing about it is that it's fast, responsive, and can do so much more than just act as an e-reader.

Terri Giuliano Long- I swore I'd never read on an e-reader, but after reading my first Kindle book, I was hooked. I love that I can move back and forth, make notes, and bookmark pages I want to read again.  I read on the Kindle application on my iPad. I have a Kindle, but from spending so much time on the computer--10+ hours/day--my eyes are shot. The iPad is bigger, making books easier to read.

Lauren Clark Kindle, with the keyboard at the bottom. I've used the word look-up and highlighting, but I use it for the audiobook function and I've also used it to "read" my own manuscripts back to me -- while editing -- because it is better than me reading to myself!

Christine Nolfi-  I read on an iPad. I like the larger screen, and the ability to increase type size if I'm tired but want to keep reading.

Allie B- I use my iPad and have the Kindle, Kobo and iBooks apps. I love the iPad because I can have multiple books on the go and having all three apps lets me take advantage of sales or opportunities to read books that are unavailable across all platforms.

Toby NealKindle, the black & white, button one, and I love it! It has a very weak wifi, but I can download books and highlight on it.

Raine Thomas- I have one of the early Kindle models and it has treated me very well. I love that I can store so many books on it. The danger is that Amazon makes it so easy to buy new books. My to-read pile is enormous!!

Patricia ParisKindle. It was a gift last year from my daughter. I love the flexibility of being able to have any kind of book I may want to read depending on my mood in the moment. I love that it is backlit and I can read it in sun or shade with no problem. I love that I can make the print extra large when forget my glasses. I
also love the jazzy, cheerful, cherry red leather cover I got for it on e-bay for less than ten bucks!

What is your e-reader of choice? Let me know below!


  1. I use my Kindle a lot so the main thing for me is the e-ink. Tablet screens are just too glarey, especially outdoors. Once they work out coloured e-ink I think I'll consider something more advanced.

    Moody Writing

    1. Thanks for sharing Mood~ My inner geek would love an iPad, but it's looking like a Kindle is more in my stratosphere!

  2. Laura, thanks for posting this. Like many readers, I never thoughts I'd make the switch. Now I'm in love with my iPad. I even purchased a keyboard so I can use my iPad in the library to take notes as I research my next novel. Better than reams of paper covered with scribbled notes!

  3. Great post, Laura! I also occasionally read books on my iPad, but since my Kindle cover has a built-in light, I rarely stray from it. Interesting to see what other authors use. :)

  4. It's between the kindle fire and the ipad. I'm leaning towards the ipad. :)

  5. I have an iPad, which I love, and my 2 kids have kindle fires and they love it, too. I guess for the price, KFire is great! You can do almost the same things with it as the iPad.

  6. Wow, not a single person wants the Nook. Kind of scary for B&N. I have a Nook and I LOVE it, but all I do on it is read. Actually, a Kindle would be on my list just because I already have a Nook and I'd like to check out the books I format for my business on both.

  7. I read on all kinds of devices. Most of the time, I'm reading on my Samsung Galaxy Note tablet. However, if I'm going to the beach or going to be outside, I read on my old Kindle Keyboard - I love the eInk technology for that reason. If both of those batteries are dead (and it has happened), I read on the Kindle to pc or on my phone.

  8. Fin post, Laura, I enjoyed reading about everyones favorites!

  9. I read Kindle on my Kindle Reader for PC. Ultimately, I would much rather have a paper copy of a book but the free Kindle Reader has allowed me to explore different types of fiction with only a nominal cost. I have a laptop so I can read the books in bed on that. :))

  10. I have a Kindle 3G with keyboard- LOVE it!!! I also have an Ipad, kindle app on my Droid and the kindle is hands down easiest to read and keep my place and easy on the eyes.

  11. I have a Kindle 3G with keyboard- LOVE it!!! I also have an Ipad, kindle app on my Droid and the kindle is hands down easiest to read and keep my place and easy on the eyes.

  12. I have a Kindle 3G with keyboard- LOVE it!!! I also have an Ipad, kindle app on my Droid and the kindle is hands down easiest to read and keep my place and easy on the eyes.

  13. I want a Kindle Paperwhite....real bad! 3g and wi-fi! I've sent my letter to Santa, I'm pretty sure he will deliver :-)

  14. Thank you for directing me here, Laura. This will be helpful in making my decision. :)

  15. I have a Kindle 3G with the keyboard...I LOVE it, but I really want the paperwhite so I can use the light. :) A lot of times I'm reading at night, and my husband is sleeping--having the light will be much more convenient for us BOTH.


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