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Writing and Music

Music plays a huge part of life in many facets, and writing is no different.

Welcome Kristen Day to talk about how building a playlist has affected her writing!

Like most authors, music has a profound effect on my writing process and creative juices but not in the traditional sense. I don’t listen to music while writing, nor do I base any characters on the bands or musicians that I fangirl over. For me music is much more sacred; its purpose stronger than any other influence vying for my attention. Music is my portal.

My entire life music has been my safe place. A place I could fade into and lose myself. As someone who has seen the perilous evil this world has to offer, I needed that place to make sense of my pain, my anger, my hatred, and my sorrow. It was there that I could allow those feelings to emerge and be contained. It was there that I learned how truly devastating the effects of darkness can be. But it was also there that I turned that pain into strength.

Throughout the years I’ve had several musicians that gave me that secret world to disappear into, but Evanescence and Sarah McLachlan are the main two. Now I use those same songs as a tool - to take me back to how I felt. With my mind and heart immersed in that world of emotions, I can channel them into my characters and allow them to come to life through their words. So, I want you to open up your heart and allow yourself to fall away into the soundtrack I’ve chosen for Forsaken. Each song brings to mind a certain scene in the book and conjures the feelings swirling within Stasia - good and bad. See if you can match the song to the scene, or better yet, just listen and enjoy your musical journey through the world of Forsaken!

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  1. What a fantastic playlist! Love every song you have on it and Evanescence and Sarah McLachlan are also two of my faves! Adding your book to my "to read" list - best of luck to you! ~Joni Lynn

  2. Music has always very much inspired and been linked to my writing. Love the playlist!!

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