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The Writers Voice is a multi author blog where prominent authors from around the web come together and share their thoughts on all things literary or otherwise. Here is a peek at our team of authors!

Is there one piece of advice you wish
someone would have given you
before you started writing?

“There is so much I have learned since I started but really, I could only have learned it by doing it so I feel it turned out perfectly. For other authors, don’t be afraid to be authentically yourself and write characters that aren’t the norm and always make sure to stay humble.”
–Emma Michaels

“I wish someone had told me to do this sooner. If I’d started years ago, I’d have that many more books out there!”
–Raine Thomas

“Plot out EVERYTHING. I wasted a lot of time writing my first book, because I didn’t plot out the story and the major events. It took a lot of meandering before I realized I needed a plan of action before sitting down to undertake a project like that. Now I plot out everything. I know some people work better the other way, but I will always like having a clear goal to work towards. I see it like this—if you’re embarking on a journey, you will always have a map, otherwise you’ll end up very lost and very frustrated.”
–Frankie Rose

“Believe in yourself and your craft”
–Quinn Loftis

“It’s not going to be easy, so you have to love writing and you have to have a lot a faith in yourself to make it worth it. Develop a thick skin and resist the urge to read reviews on your books as much as possible!”
–Shana Norris

“Not that I can recall. Before I became a published author I was a book blogger so talking to so many different authors really showed me that it is not as easy as people who aren’t in the literary field believe it to be.”
–Tanya Contois

“You can never edit enough.”
–Carlyle Labuschagne

“Hire a proofreader.”
–Brenda Pandos

“Don’t be afraid to ask others for help, their opinions, and moral support. I let my personal lack of faith in my ability to write hang over me like a dark, dream-crushing cloud for too long. Two minds are always better than one. Don’t be insecure about your work. If your writing inspires someone else to give you advice, you’re on the right track.”
–Amy Maurer Jones

“Yeah, actually, there is. When I was writing Dehumanized I didn’t realize how the word-count was so important to the length of the novel. I thought I literally had to write three hundred pages on Word! It was very daunting…but I strived and before I knew it I ended up with Dehumanized being five hundred pages! If someone had told me it was all about the word count rather than the page count, I wouldn’t have been so stressed about it!”
–Michael Loring

“Go past your view of perfect and walk away for a few weeks - go back and read the book and edit it.”
–Devyn Dawson

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  1. Thanks for the good advice. One piece of advice from many, many hears ago is: write to express, not impress.

  2. Thank you so much for posting about The Writers Voice! We are thrilled to be featured on your site Laura! <3

  3. Thanks for posting this, Laura! It's always nice to hear helpful advice from a whole group of authors.


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