Laura Howard: Whacky Wednesday


Whacky Wednesday

Today is Whacky Wednesday at our school. The kids get to dress as whacky as they wanna, sounds like something I would have LOVED as a kid. My 8 yo is especially fond of this day, and had a hard time sleeping last night trying to come up with a really whacky hairstyle... I've been thinking about her excitement since she left this morning, and I guess it's contagious. I started this blog yesterday after much hemming and hawwing. But, I know that I enjoy reading other people's blogs, so maybe a few people will like mine, right? So, in order to keep it simple and fun I am going to stick with interesting themes. Since Whacky Wednesday is today, it shall be forever on Finding Bliss. I'm going to find some really fun and crazy things that make ME go Hmmmm. And then I'll share them! Ideas and suggestions are welcome...

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