Laura Howard: Gone But Not Forgotten


Gone But Not Forgotten

Today's blogfest is about TV shows that are not on the air anymore, but will forever be remembered ...

#1 My So-Called Life Ah... memories of waiting each week to get a glimpse of Jared Leto. Angela was the snarky woe is me heroine who landed the hottest guy EVER! Why did it only last for one season,this was gold to my teenage self!

#2 Friends This one is like a no-brainer. Even my husband watched this show with me back before we were married. Who didn't watch Friends???

#3 Beverly Hills 90210 The Original. The drama, the intrigue. Somehow my entire family would clear the living room while I delighted in my weekly 90210, blessed alone time for me.

#4 Party of Five Sweet biscuits, I had such a crush on Bailey... and then on Griffin. I even tolerated Claudia's annoying nasal voice week after week. I don't think I missed a single episode!

#5 Will & Grace Some of my best material is from W&G, I swear it. Sometimes I think it should have been Jack & Karen... Every word that came out Jack's mouth is GOLD baby. And, Karen ain't too shabby neithah!


  1. It should have been Jack and Karen, for sure. They were the best part of that show. LOVED it, and MSCL was also on my list! Ahhh, what a great show.

  2. Oh, I totally forgot about WILL & GRACE. So funny. Karen is hilarious.

    Nice to meet you, Laura!

  3. 90210 for the first couple of seasons was my secret show. I would never admit that I watched it!
    Will & Grace was a lot of fun to watch.

  4. Will and Grace was awesome! And I used to love Beverly Hills 90210. I was living in Los Angeles when it first started and thought that show, and Melrose Place, did a great job portraying crazy southern CA!

    Fun list!! Have a great weekend, Laura!

  5. OMG, Party of Five! It's been so long since I've even thought about that show! Thanks for the flashback! Great picks.

  6. "My So-Called Life" was so ahead of its time. I think it started now, it would be still be awesome. I had a think for Matthew Fox's character from "Party of Five" and I couldn't stand Jennifer Love Hewitt's character.

  7. Yeah, JLH has always been rather annoying. Only now, rather than preaching to Bailey, we get to hear about her adventures in Vajazzling.

  8. I loved Karen, too! I have a "Quotes from Karen" on my facebook page. She cracks me up!

  9. I forgot about Party of Five. Whichever London brother was on it had my heart from day one. Yum! And Jordan Catalano...yeah, I miss him. :)



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