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Read Across America Day

Today is the 14th annual Read Across America Day honoring the amazing Dr Seuss' birthday. The idea behind this fun celebration is to actively get a child in your life to pick up a book to read. It doesn't matter if that child is 2 months or 16 years old, either. Reading to your baby or talking to your teenager about a favorite book is a perfect way to inspire reading habits that will last.

Sponsored by the National Education Association, this program provides parents, caregivers, and children the resources and activities they need to keep reading on the calendar 365 days a year.
In May 1997, a small reading task force at NEA came up with a big idea. "Let's create a day to celebrate reading," the group decided. "We hold pep rallies to get kids excited about football. We assemble to remember that Character Counts. Why don't we do something to get kids excited about reading? We'll call it 'NEA's Read Across America' and we'll celebrate it on Dr. Seuss's birthday." And so was born on March 2, 1998, the largest celebration of reading this country has ever seen.

Need some ideas for fun activities to make reading an extra special part of your day today?

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  1. thanks for sharing the history behind how this day came to be :)

  2. I hadn't heard of this day before, what a great idea!



  3. Thanks for the links, Laura! What a great day!

  4. Hi, Laura! I just discovered your blog through She Writes and have enjoyed reading through it. I'm looking forward to following!
    As a librarian and wannabe writer, I love Read Across America Day. It's nice to learn more about the history of it, thanks for sharing!


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