Laura Howard: Amazon Killed the Publishing Star


Amazon Killed the Publishing Star

Where do you sit in the debate on self-publishing vs. traditional publishing? E-books or Hardcover?

About 2 weeks ago, I read an article about the DOJ decision in the conundrum between Amazon and the rest of the free the Legacy Publishers and Apple. In the comment section, people were firing off their opinions of who was right and who was wrong and I came to a realization:

There is no RIGHT answer.

Joe likes reading quick-paced crime fiction and he doesn't care whether it comes in a scuffed paperback from Dolly's Used Bookstore or a 99 cent e-book promo on Amazon. He just likes a good story and it's fast and cheap to download to his Kindle.

Suzie has a beautiful collection of the classics ranging from Charlotte Bronte to Oscar Wilde. She displays them prominently on the bookshelf in her parlor. She wouldn't dream of buying an e-book, because she likes to hold a real book, and she wants to preserve literary traditions.

Does either of these scenarios have to be wrong? I don't think so. We all love books. It's a matter of opinion. And everyone's opinion is valid.

But, back to the DOJ debate for just a quick second... I find it funny that people are so intensely on one side or the other.

Amazon is ruining the publishing industry!

Legacy Publishers aren't adapting to the advances in technology! 

I have never nor will I EVER be a business guru, but come on!!! This is BUSINESS! It's all about the Benjamins, baby! Nobody is trying to destroy or preserve the literary tradition. I believe they all just want the money, and if they don't get as much as quick as the next guy, they cry FOUL!


Maybe I'm under-informed. Maybe I'm crazy. E-books aren't going anywhere, and I have a feeling that the Suzie's of the world won't be too hard-pressed to find their hardcovers if that's what they desire.

But, change is coming. It's here. I'm ready to roll with it.

What do you think?

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