Laura Howard: Grow a Long Tail


Grow a Long Tail

Have you daydreamed recently of selling your book? Did that dream consist of you being praised by adoring fans and media over your beautiful writing and amazing imagery?

Me, too.

When we think of publishing our books, it's fun to imagine instant success. Even if you don't want to admit it, the thought has probably crossed your mind.

Of course, underneath the fairy tale, we are all aware that the chance of stardom is pretty slim. After all, how many books are published each year? Since Amazon has made it so easy for writers to upload their manuscript, it's not a secret that there is a LOT of competition.

So, we attempt to build a platform, render a following. But, if you really want to be an Author, not a one-book-wonder, what can you do to become a prolific force in the industry?

I have recently been introduced to the term "Long-Tail". Have you heard it?

In Joanna Penn's guest post by J. Daniel Sawyer,  he discusses the Long Tail of the fiction business and a  list of "best practices" to be successful over time.

For your reading pleasure, I would like to share the most important stuff I gleaned from the post:

 Build a Back List- When I read and love a book, I look up the author's other work. I just purchased the entire backlist written by Juliette Marillier. **love**

 Be Patient- One book does not a career make! **usually**

 Connect  with those who actually read your book. It's easier to keep a reader than find a new one!

I am now a firm believer that the best marketing tool you can acquire is a Long Tail. It makes sense that when you advertise or promote your newest book, people will see that you have a series of other books to enjoy. I for one love a series that I can really get lost in!

Do you have any thoughts on the significance of a Long Tail or Backlist?

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