Laura Howard: Rachel Thompson on #IndiesUnite4Joshua


Rachel Thompson on #IndiesUnite4Joshua

Today I have an impromptu video chat that I'd like to share with you. While going through my usual blog circuit a few days ago, I came across a post on Rachel Thompson's blog regarding a young man by the name of Joshua who was diagnosed with Leukemia during Christmas break. 

Imagine being 21 years old with your  life in front of you- and being told you had cancer. To have just been given 3 years of freedom only to have it taken away in a breath.

The independent author community is small, but strong. Maxwell Cynn is an author, but he's also a father and a husband. His fellow authors have come together to support his family during this horrible time. As many of us know, medical expenses are incredibly high. IndiesUnite4Joshua is a fund set up to help with costs of Josh's treatments.

The goal is $10,000, and at this time $8,600+ have been raised. There are 13 days left, and they can use your support. Watch the video and hear what Rachel has to say!

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