Laura Howard: Summer Reading List


Summer Reading List

One of the brilliant aspects of social media is that you can interact with authors in a way you never could before. I've gotten to be friends with some writers, both published and not, and many of them I look forward to speaking with weekly or even daily.

In celebration of some of my new author friends, my friend Allie and I have decided to dub our summer reading lists My Indie Summer! We are dedicating our summers to some of the up and coming writers who are breaking the stigma laid on self-published authors for centuries now. These authors have gone through rigorous editing, formatting and design to bring truly gorgeous books to the table.

We'd like to celebrate Independent authors and their willingness to be open and generous to us as newbies in the publishing world. Whether it's offering advice or friendship, we totally appreciate them and hope to be able to do the same for others who come after us.

Allie has a lovely line up listed at her blog, be sure to check them out before we officially kick off the summer next Friday. We'll be talking about what we read on Twitter with the hashtag #myindiesummer  There are no rules. Just good reads by great authors. If you have some Indies on your TBR list, why not pick it up and chat with us?

Here's my tentative list:

Laiden's Daughter by Suzan Tisdale

Becoming by Raine Thomas

Inhale by Kendall Grey

 Hybrid by Vanessa Wester

 Twixt by Diane Reed

  Central by Raine Thomas

 The Selkie Spell by Sophie Moss

 Molly Hacker is Too Picky by Lisette Brodey

Pentecost by JF Penn

 Blood Orchids by Toby Neal

 Witch Song by Amber Argyle

Angelfall by Susan Ee

 Foretold by Raine Thomas

Allie and I are open to ideas- if you have something super special in mind leave a comment and we'll see what magic we can conjure up. And, of course we'll keep you posted with any new developments.


  1. Hi Laura!
    Your list looks rather interesting. I have to admit that the only bk I have heard of is "Blood Orchid." Apparently, i am not up to date on self published authors. The only bk I know is Natalie Proudfoot's "Defending Hope." But looking at the titles of your bks, it doesn't seem like Natalie's bk fits in w/your genre.

    I would love to join you in your summer reading list, but I have so many bks I bought but have not yet read. I definitely would like to hear your thoughts on the bks. Will you & Allie be giving bk reviews of the bks you read? That would be most helpful!

    Happy Reading!

  2. Hi Monique! Yes, I believe we'll be reviewing... Maybe a few surprises thrown in for good measure!! I tend to lean away from literary fiction, if that's what you mean... I like lots of romance and/ or action!

  3. I'm reading Toby Neal's BLOOD ORCHIDS right now, actually! Nearly done, and it's wonderful. I'm very excited to be a part of your list, Laura, and look forward to following the journey of you and Allie as you take on #MyIndieSummer. On behalf of all indie authors, thanks so much for the awesome support!!

  4. Looks like you have some really interesting reading lined up Monique. I admit I'm addicted to mysteries and lately I've found some really great reads among fellow Indie Authors. As much as I read I very rarely ever go back and review a book but I've made a commitment to change that so from now on - regardless of whether I paid for the book or got it free in one of the KDP promotions - I'm going to make a point of leaving a review to support the author.

    1. I'm the same with reviews! I like reading other people's reviews- but rarely leave my own... I'm going to be better about that, especially on Amazon, since it helps authors so much!

  5. Hey Laura:

    Wow! Thanks SO much for including me and Molly Hacker Is Too Picky! in your blog and TBR list. And -- thank you so much for supporting indie authors. When I say that I appreciate each and every person who shows an interest in my work, and in the work of my fellow authors, I truly mean it. Nobody flinches at indie music anymore, but indie authors are still fighting some serious stigmas.

    Some of the other titles on your list are on my LONG TBR list, too!

    You're the best!

    Thank you, Laura, and thank you, Allie!

    You both rock!


  6. This is so exciting! Laura has an awesome list and I'm so glad that she joined me in My Indie Summer and introduced me to books that I would never have known about otherwise. I'm so glad I broke down and finally joined twitter so I could meet this wonderful woman!

    Happy Reading,

  7. It was awesome to meet you on Twitter and even more so to scroll through your blog and spot Blood Orchids on your summer list! Thanks for having a look at it and hope you enjoy!

  8. I just read your list and it looks great. I've already picked up a few of the books and canont wait to read them. On a side note, I just read a debut novel by Ashley Stoyanoff called The Soul's Mark: FOUND that I thought was awesome and thought you guys might want to try since she's an INDIE author.


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