Laura Howard: Self-Publishing on a Shoestring with Elizabeth Aloe


Self-Publishing on a Shoestring with Elizabeth Aloe

Today's Special Guest is a brand-new indie author, Elizabeth Aloe. I learned about Elizabeth on Tarryn Fisher's Facebook wall a few weeks ago. Tarryn announced The Next Class of Indie Authors who would be BIG. After reading about Elizabeth and her book The Reunion I immediately contacted her for an interview. I'm all about the Next Big Thing! 

What We Talked About:

  • After being laid off from the internet industry, Elizabeth taught herself to write.
  • Editing and rewriting her first two books into one complete manuscript.
  • Found a grad student to help edit the manuscript for a decent rate. (I think this is brilliant.)
  • Looked in her network for a graphic designer to design her book cover.
  • Decided to skip querying and go for the Indie route.
  • Loves the freedom of being in charge of the cover and content of her book.
  • Inspired by author Emily Giffin's chick lit novels.
  • Feels Tarryn Fisher and Laura Pepper Wu have made a big impact on her career.

Thank you for the interview Elizabeth! Looking forward to seeing where your career takes you!

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  1. Wow, Elizabeth you have such a gorgeous voice! No wonder you're in radio :). Thank you for the mention (and for you sweet words, Laura). And YES isn't it wonderful how our little critique circle last year resulted in some fine books. I can't wait to read The Reunion new and updated. Fab job, ladies!


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