Laura Howard: Being a Full-Time Mom, Part-Time Writer


Being a Full-Time Mom, Part-Time Writer

Today I'm the first stop on Priya Kanaparti's blog tour for her new release Dracian Legacy.

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Good things in life come to those who work hard.” 

Or I would like to say, “Good things in life come from doing what I love to do, because there isn’t a damn thing in the world that could stop me.”
Being a mom, a full-time consultant and a writer is sometimes  difficult. 

Believe me I know! But knowing that I loved what I did, even if it meant at the expense of sleepless nights, it worked out beautifully at the end.

Since I worked as a consultant, my situation was far better than most. I had the ability to allocate my time and work around my responsibilities. I worked a flexible schedule that I negotiated with my client and then spent time the rest of the every waking moment time with my little kiddo. When he napped or slept through the night, the writer in me got to work.

There were days on end when I wouldn't cook or clean, let alone eat. With the help of my wonderful hubby who stepped up to the plate, so I could pursue my dream, we didn't starve to death or live in an unkempt home.

The first few weeks into starting Dracian Legacy, I was so high on adrenaline I kept plowing through this routine. But soon exhaustion overcame and I was close to giving up many times. But I kept going forward with a goal in mind. I challenged myself write or revise 2000 words at minimum.

Most days I met my task with easy other times not so much. But I didn't let that get me down. I took each day as it came and it paid off at the end. Now when I look back at those sleepless nights, I am glad I continued to push forward.

Overall, with the support of my awesome hubby and four wonderful critique partners, I had finished the story in a total of six months. I would call that a success. 

What are some of your challenges? Share your thoughts and drop me a line.

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  1. Thank you sooo much for having me on your blog Laura!

  2. I applaud your determination, Priya. Congratulations on your release.

  3. Being a writer mama is tough! I can definitely relate. Your motivation and determination to keep moving is inspiring and a good reminder that it all pays off. I think you make a good point, too, that having a supportive community around you is crucial for surviving the process, finding success, and still loving the craft at the end of it all. Thanks for sharing your story, Priya:)

  4. Thank you so much guys! It was a hard journey, but it's definitely worth it! Hope you can stop by other blogs that are hosting Dracian Legacy over the next 32 days! The list is available on my website!



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