Laura Howard: My Self-Publishing Journey


My Self-Publishing Journey

When you come to Finding Bliss, you expect to see an article of some aspect of  writing or publishing, right? What if once a week I wrote a post about what's going on in my personal writing life? 

A big part of what I do here is invite writer friends to share their experiences so that both you and I can learn from their mistakes and successes. I don't really talk about what I'm doing, and it's time to get out of that habit.

As of today, The Forgotten Ones is with my dear editor, Danielle Poiesz. I have finished three drafts of the novel and am awaiting her developmental critique in about a week. I don't know about you, but waiting to hear feedback about my writing is excruciating. 

I'm not sure if while I wait, I should be starting Book 2 or maybe brainstorming about things I might have missed in The Forgotten Ones. As a writer, I'm sure I shouldn't allow myself to be idle. I'd love to hear what you do while you're waiting for your editorial feedback?

Meanwhile, I've been getting a marketing strategy in place for my release date, May 15. I have a pre-release blog tour scheduled through Shane from Itching for Books. She was fabulous to work with and I recommend checking out her blog.

The next piece of my strategy is to have a release day blitz, which is scheduled through A Tale of Many Reviews. I'm not sure when the sign-ups for that will start, but I'll definitely share the news when I find out.

I've also received a few ARC requests from book bloggers, which is the most amazing feeling. They've volunteered to post their reviews on the books release date in exchange for an early copy. I'm honestly blown away by this, and excited to have get reviews ready for TFO's release. From what I've seen, reviews sell books. If you'd like to request an ARC in exchange for an honest review, let me know!

And, there you have it. I'm glad to be able to have you to share my self-publishing journey with. It's nice to know I have friends out there rooting for me, so please know how much I appreciate your support. And, as always-- I'm here to support my writer friends however I can. 

Drop me a line! Leave me a comment! 


  1. So excited for your big debut release, Laura! I have a feeling it's going to be epic. :) Can't wait to read The Forgotten Ones and thanks again for all the great posts and advice on your blog. :)

  2. Laura, I would be happy to review an ARC for you, if you'd like. My email address is faithsullivanwrites [at] hotmail [dot] com and my blog is I have a tab where I post my New Adult reviews to Amazon.

  3. You're such a cheerleader and supporter to so many, and I cannot wait to be that for you, Laura. I'm so proud of you, Nancy Drew! Love ya! XOXO

  4. Very cool for you to get ARC requests. That's the best feeling in the world. AND it sounds like you're doing the exact right thing while you wait! Get your marketing plan together, get organized. Chewing the nails is just a bonus... LOL! :D <3

  5. Yes, it is excruciating to wait for those comments! I try to keep busy by outlining a new book or working on scheduling promotions! Luckily, my editors have all been wonderful and offer me the BEST advice to get my novels in ship-shape!

    xx, Lauren

  6. Hey Laura! Thanks for sharing. Waiting is always the hardest part but keeping busy like you are should help the time fly! I'm excited for your release; love the cover by the way!

  7. “...I've been getting a marketing strategy in place for my release date.” - Sounds good, Laura. Planning a marketing strategy for your book launch is very efficient while waiting for your editor's feedback. I'm planning to launch my first novel but considering lots of things like having my own website, posting in social media platforms, and so on. A blog tour is pretty good idea, I think I'll put it on my list too. Anyway, it's been months, how was your launch? _Jean Bridges @


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