Laura Howard: February 2011


A List and a Giveaway

I found this great list on Nicole's page and thought it might be fun to challenge people to give a litte of themselves, really put it out there with a fun questionnaire. Please copy & paste in the comments!! I will choose a winner from all who comment before March 5 for a $15 Barnes and Noble giftcard And everyone who follow me get two entries!

Anyone who's watched Inside the Actor's Studio will be familiar with the questionnaire. The show's host, James Lipton, asks it of every celebrity guest at the close of the interview. The questionnaire was originally created by Bernard Pivot, a French journalist, for the cultural series he hosted on French television from 1991-2001, called Bouillon de Culture.

What I love about the questionnaire is you can either answer the questions with all the truth in your heart, or you can approach them with creativity and cleverness -- finding answers or deliveries no one else has ever come up with. But which ever way you go, each of your answers will be revealing, telling us interesting things about you.

What is your favorite word? Shimmer
What is your least favorite word? Cancer
What turns you on creatively or emotionally? Seeing beautiful art of any kind
What turns you off? People who are negative and say "I can't" too much
What is your favorite curse word? Shizzat
What sound or noise do you love? My kids'laughter
What sound or noise do you hate? My kids Fighting
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Graphic design
What profession would you not like to do? Gynecology

Please help me spread the word!!


Whacky Wednesday

Today I'm thinking about... words. Not just any words, you see. Oh no- I'm thinking about
Whacky Words.  Today is a Wordy Whacky Wednesday. I adore words- I love reading
words, I fancy saying words. I don't know about you, but I get a thrill when I see an
author put together a string of wicked awesome words.  I cherish jotting down these strings
and I even have a file on my computer for quirky quotes, another for vivid verbs...
don't forget my astonishing adjective/adverbs file. By now you are, no doubt, thinking I'm a nerd, but I could have told you that.
Half the time people laugh at my peculiar choice of words, because they have no idea what they
mean, or cause I just plain made 'em up!
Do you know one of the most fantastic word sources is Harry Potter?  How many wonky words did you get from reading those stupendous books/seeing the sensational movies??  Blimey, Neville!
Do you have a most favoritest word that nobody else uses/understands?  Share!  Partake my clever crackerjacks!   


Motivational Monday

I love blogs. And  since I'm a huge fan of books, one of the biggest pieces of news I've been reading on my blogroll is about the 200 Borders stores closing.  I don't know about anyone else, but I've always loved local bookshops.  When I was a kid, every month I would make a pile of all the books I'd read and bring them down to the store in town to get credit for NEW books (new to me anyway).  So, I find that the news of Borders closing, while awful for the thousands who've lost jobs, gives me hopes that independent book sellers will have a chance to pick up the slack.  Ever since the movie You've Got Mail, I've been saddened by huge chains shutting down the book store in my hometown as well as so many others.  So, my inspiration this week for Motivational Monday is from a blogpost on by Edward Champion.  Here he lists alternatives for local booksellers near the closing Borders stores.  Great idea, right?  I feel like communities need to band together to keep these bookstores alive.  Sure, sometimes it might be "easier" to buy a book from Amazon, but think of the impact on your community if you support your local store!  Hey, why not go buy a book?


Friday Free For All

I love Fridays!  As a stay-at-home mom, it doesn't really make sense for me to love them, but I guess I never got over the whole TGIF thing. 
Today is the first day I've gotten out of the house for quite awhile, with the kids being sick and all. It got me thinking.  Strange, but it does happen...
During the winter months, I find that I like to just stay home alot of the time, it just seems easier...especially this year since my youngest is only 9 months old.  And, of course I end up stuck in a rut.  So, I decided that I need to get some motivation!  I'm wondering what other people do to get out of the winter doldrums?  More specifically what do you do?  Do you ever get caught up in wanting to stay home rather than go out in the cold?  And after being inside for an extended period, do you end up with cabin fever?  Leave me a comment and let me know!


Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is a weekly event hosted by Take Me Away
Throwbacks can be:
a book you've read and loved, or a book you've always wanted to read
a book that brings back memories for you
from as far back as your childhood, or just from last year
a classic or a hidden gem
My choice is my all time Favorite Book from my childhood:
The Witch of Blackbird Pond
I first read this book for a summer reading list when I was about 10 years old.  Even at such a young age, I had visions of being swept away by a fine, young sailor named Nat.  But, seriously this book was unforgettable!  It's about a young, free-spirited girl named Kit who was raised by  her grandfather in Barbados.  When he dies, she is sent to live with her religious aunt in America.  When she arrives,she seems to always do the wrong thing, causing suspicion and fear.  She finds a friend in the local outcast Hannah and before long   people are suspecting that her impulsive ways are those of a "witch".  This book introduced me to reading and I think inspired me to be a life-long reader! 
What was your favorite book as a child/teenager?  Leave a comment and let me know!


Whacky Wednesday

Today is Whacky Wednesday at our school. The kids get to dress as whacky as they wanna, sounds like something I would have LOVED as a kid. My 8 yo is especially fond of this day, and had a hard time sleeping last night trying to come up with a really whacky hairstyle... I've been thinking about her excitement since she left this morning, and I guess it's contagious. I started this blog yesterday after much hemming and hawwing. But, I know that I enjoy reading other people's blogs, so maybe a few people will like mine, right? So, in order to keep it simple and fun I am going to stick with interesting themes. Since Whacky Wednesday is today, it shall be forever on Finding Bliss. I'm going to find some really fun and crazy things that make ME go Hmmmm. And then I'll share them! Ideas and suggestions are welcome...


Finding Bliss

I love that title. After all, isn't that what life is all about? It's not about making money or cleaning the toilet once a week... But shouldn't we at least sometimes allow ourselves a little bliss? I know what my idea of true happiness is... What's yours?