Laura Howard: April 2011


A-Z Fail

So here it is... A week since my last letter post, which incidentally was only the second letter of the alphabet... I'm amazed at myself. Now I could blame the fact that I have been sick with the flu this week, along with my family. But I won't. I could also blame the virus on my PC, but I don't think I should do that either. I could have easily picked up my iPhone and, even though it's annoying and typed up a post like I am right now.

But, let's just move forward! I have been working on some fun things this week from my couch- first thing is a guest blog over at Ashley's blog which I'm pretty excited about. She and Misty will be collaborating for Fairytale Fortnight starting April 17. I jumped on the opportunity to get involved because I love fairytales and I wanted to talk a little about the difference between Fairytales vs Faerie Tales. Confused? Well, come check it out!!

The next thing I'm excited about is I received a copy of my friend Terri's new book, In Leah's Wake... And she's so sweet that she sent me an extra copy to give away! More on that to come...


B is also for Bookplate

I am just browsing the web on this lovely Sunday and I found this article on Squidoo that features printable bookplates available on various sites on the web. I am so in love with the cute ones here. I know I'll be printing up a bunch on the books I lend out! I'm always happy to loan a friend a book, but let's be honest- it can be annoying when our friends forget where they came from... Lol


B is for Belated

So tonight I'm just getting around to posting B for the A-Z challenge. Not exactly a stellar start for me. But, with two sick little boys, that's the way it goes. I hope everyone else was able to be more punctual with their posts and visits. I did, at least visit my new friends who stopped by to say Hi to me! So thanks for coming and I'll be back Monday for C!


A is for Angst

Today is day 1 of the A-Z challenge! What did you choose for your A word?

So let's talk about Angst!! I read alot, and over the years I've discovered that no matter what genre I'm reading in, one thing that keeps me interested in a book is the level of angst the author achieves. It's an amazing skill, in my opinion, to raise the stakes throughout a novel to the point where the reader can actually feel the tension in their chest.

No matter your opinion of the Twilight series, it's a great example of some serious teenage angst.. And it was the book that got me into the YA genre, even though I was 29 when I read it- haha.

What's a book that keeps you up at night with the angst and tension rising to the boiling point?