Laura Howard: Dancing Naked in Dixie with Lauren Clark


Dancing Naked in Dixie with Lauren Clark

Sometimes when you least expect it, life throws you a bone that is just so awesome, and this interview is one of those times.

 I saw a video interview done by Laura at 30 Day Books featuring Lauren Clark. I just loved listening to her talking about her story, and actually put her on my interview list of "Authors to Contact Someday".

Meanwhile, I followed her on Twitter. I don't remember if I tweeted her to tell her I thought the video was great or not. Doesn't really matter.

Because- Lauren Clark actually contacted ME!

She sent me an email inviting me to read her book and review it on my blog. MY BLOG! I know!

Lauren is the award-winning author of Stay Tuned and Dancing Naked in Dixie.

Things we talked about:
  • Lauren's background as a journalism major and news anchor.
  • Her learning process finishing several manuscripts before deciding to publish Stay Tuned.
  • Publishers showed interest but nobody gave her a contract.
  • How scary it is to have people critique your work.
  • The importance of having as many eyes on your work as possible to perfect it.
  • Lauren's author branding which is one of the most remarkable I've seen.
  • Online and offline author platform, how to connect with readers and stay in touch.
  • Speaking engagements and book clubs she's attending to build an offline following.
You can find her at or Twitter and Facebook

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  1. Congrats on your coup, Laura. But you shouldn't be surprised. You're very good at this! I can't wait to read. :)

  2. That's exciting! Hope you enjoy the books. I haven't read either of them, but they have amazing covers.

  3. Thank you so much, Laura!! I loved talking to you about books and promotion... I have to agree with Charon that you are naturally good at this interview "stuff" and your enthusiasm is contagious!! So enjoyed our talk and looking forward to more on your blog :)

    Hugs, Lauren

  4. Great interview!! I agree with you Laura - Lauren is such a professional and has a wonderful brand to her books.

  5. *Jen does Cartwheels for you both* Such a lovely chat between you both, and Laura you are a fabulous interviewer! I was so happy to find your blog Laura, and cannot wait to pop in again. XOXO

    1. Thanks Juliette and Jen! I hope you both come back often. Maybe you'll be the guest next time!

  6. You know you've made it to the next level when the authors start contacting you.

    You know, I just read what I wrote and thought "but what level did you start on?" Then I thought "how many levels are there?" Then I remembered that one time I found that giant game of PacMan with all the different user-created mazes and you could just travel from maze to maze, never finishing one, and I remembered how weird it was to think of an explorer Pac Man, roaming through the mazes, ignoring the ghosts and moving from maze to maze, always wondering if he would reach the edge or come back around, and never getting there.

    Then I got a little freaked out. The universe can be frightening. So I'm going to go make a peanut butter & jelly sandwich.

    Congratulations on the interview, though.


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