Laura Howard: Weekend Creation


Weekend Creation

To spark my week's creativity, I joined this group hop! The key is to link with other creative blogs and get inspired/ inspire others. I love that!

I have a hard time talking about my writing with the people in my life; it feels like I'm a big pretender, or a wannabe.

But, the truth is that I love to write. So, here I am admitting it.

Hi. My name is Laura, and I am a writer.

I just recently told my family about my current WIP. It felt so odd sharing something that for me is so intimate. It was like I was stripping myself for them to see.

I guess I expected to be laughed at, because it is such a pipe dream to want to be a writer.

Nobody laughed at me. At least not out loud.

It really feels good to put it out there, and to be able to talk about it when things are going well. It's still really hard, but I'm working on it.

So... my contribution to the weekend creation is my story of admitting that I like to create. I have had occasions where people have looked at me like I was joking when I said I like to write, but it's not been everyone. And I have my family's support, which is all that really matters.


  1. Nice to meet you, Laura!
    Oh my, you sound like me. I can relate to this post. It's difficult when first sharing your craft, and when people start probing into what inspired your story. It can be very personal. Different things inspire different people. Some will get it, others won't - goes with the territory. I began writing last year, and the polarity between this and my 'career' are extreme. I suppose that's why we find it hard to share our hidden talent. Harder for others to believe that it's something we are capable of. My plan is to shock the school-mums into oblivion!! Artists aren’t shy to reveal their talent, and so we shouldn’t be. Never be discouraged. Keep tapping at that keyboard. I look forward to delving into this blog further, and to reading one of your soon to be published works!
    Blessings and continued inspiration
    Moana x

  2. Thanks for stopping by Moana! Have great night!

  3. Hey Laura. I keep my writing endeavors mostly under wraps in the family. I did, however, tell my father I had a novel finished and now he keeps asking, "And? What's happening?" :)

    It's hard for family to understand how long all these things take, and of course they don't know anything about the whole agent/query circus.

  4. Hey Laura - I kept my writing to myself for years because my family don't get it at all and one or two have said they will be there when I fall on my face to laugh at me! It makes you stronger and more determined!
    I'm rooting for you. Say it loud, say it proud: you are a writer!


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