Laura Howard: Congratulations Carolina!!


Congratulations Carolina!!

I'm new to this amazing blogosphere of writers and readers, but am just so in love with all the sweet people paying it forward to one another! Over the last few weeks I watched the amazing Talli Roland and her tremendous following bring it home on her release day for her new (new in paperback anyway) book The Hating Game. Prizes were given and the happiness was literally contagious!

Today, another bloggie fiend, Carolina Valdez- Miller, announced her signing with the wonderful agent Vickie Motter! So many things going on in the writing life, I just wish I had found all these super folks sooner.

If you want to join in the infectious wave of paying it forward, I highly recommend signing up for the A-Z challenge in April so that you can see first hand all the ways these writers and readers are supporting each other!

For now go to Carols blog and congratulate her, she's making it well worth the trip with so many rad giveaways your head will SPIN!

Carolina Valdez Miller: So, I Have Some News (and a Mega Giveaway of a Kindle and More)


  1. It's so great to read some good news on a Monday morning! I'll check it out.

  2. Oh, that A-Z Challenge sounds great! I hadn't heard of that before, I think I'm going to give it a try.

    I so know what you mean, I'm new to blogging too and I'm amazed how many wonderful things are going on in the blogosphere. It's great to see so much good news!

  3. Thank you so much, Laura! Such a kind mention. I love all the support the writer blogging community is showing. I'm blown away! What a lovely surprise, though, to find this on your blog!


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