Laura Howard: The Digital Revolution


The Digital Revolution

The publishing world is changing in so many ways. While some changes might not be for the better, the industry is evolving so fast that it's nearly impossible to keep up! The Digital Revolution keeps on spinning and I don't know about you, but I love it. When I first became interested in publishing-around 2010- things were changing, but now that whisper has become a roar! With the rise of entrepreneurs like Amanda Hocking and Joanna Penn, it's clear that the future of publishing is in our hands! I once thought indie authors (or self-published) were subpar writers unable to secure a publishing deal- I know I know!!! I'm horrified and ashamed by my ignorance! Now I see the awesome power in social media and self publishing trends and I'm awe-struck by it all! I'm done sitting back and watching from the sidelines- I want in! Writing is something I have always done, but what if having my book read by others doesn't have to be a pipe dream? What if it was a reality? I would love if you cared about my characters as much as I do. Today I begin a journey. I've been treading water, but I think it's time to Jump In! I hope to find others to share the ride with me- to learn and also take action. I've pinpointed three things that I'll be striving to master:

* Talk is Cheap-If you never take action you'll never reach your goal.
* Consistency is Key-Doing small things each day adds up.
* Showing Up is Half the Battle--The hardest part can be just starting.

Do you have certain disciplines that you have to work extra hard at? Do you have any tips for overcoming these obstacles?


  1. Those three points are SO spot-on!

  2. I am so excited for you that you are going to get in the game! You are right about how things are changing. From a bloggers perspective, I will happily read indie authors as long as they have done everything that would normally be done by a publisher (nice cover art, heavy editing, promotion, etc.). I know that some bloggers are still hesitant to read indies but I think that wall breaks down more with every author who strives for excellence with their work! I am excited for you and I can't wait to see what you write!

  3. Yes!!! So many of my favorite authors, and the books I'm insanely passionate about, are independent. I actually feel bad for those who don't read/review indie books b/c they are truly missing out on beautiful work. Have I found a few that were not good at all? Sure. But I've also read a few from the Big6 that were awful as well. Good luck on your journey!


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