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Flog your Blog

This is your opportunity to FLOG YOUR BLOG! I thought it would be nice if my followers had a chance to show off what their own blog was about and gain some new followers through my blog here.

When you make a comment, don’t just put in your link, tell us a little bit about your blog. Do you write mostly book reviews? Talk about writing angst? Discuss current events? What’s your own writing genre? Are your published? This will help people decide if they want to follow you.

To be completely clear, this is not a contest, you won’t win anything by making a comment, but I am hoping that you will gain some new followers (me too) by participating in the FLOG YOUR BLOG throw down. The only rules are-

1. You must be following this blog to make a comment and . . .
2. You must do this on your blog too in order to give your followers a chance to gain new people.

My hope is that more people will not only get active here by commenting and participating but that my followers will get the same thing on their blogs. I think this sounds like a good idea, let’s see how it works.


  1. Hi Laura, thanks for passing on the goodness!

    My name is Shannon Mayer and I write at Wringing out Words,

    My genre is urban fantasy, PNR, and a little of everything else. I try to blog about writing helps, advice, book reviews and the silly mistakes I make along this journey of mine. I am not published but I do have an agent and am hoping for that holy grail of writers (the contract) to be in my hands soon. My current favorite quote I have on my computer is :

    I've learned so much from my mistakes . . .
    I'm thinking of making a few more. :)

  2. Shannon
    I'm Glad to have found you #amblogging on twitter! It's a great idea!

  3. Hi Laura!! What a great idea :) Let's all connect, the more the merrier!

    I'm your old follower (well, relatively old, I didn't join just now!)

    My genre is.. well, almost everything, really! Especially Paranormal, Suspense, Thriller, Horror, Historical Fiction, Asian Literature, YA.. did I forget anything?
    I am a reader, not a writer. Maybe in the future I will entertain the possibility of writing something, for now I am perfectly satisfied with enjoying all the wonderful books out there! :)
    I review, I connect with people, I started hosting giveaways and I enjoy book-related discussions and events :)

    You can find my blog here -> Bookish (
    You can also connect with me on Twitter @SeoEvie
    and you can find me on Goodreads @ Ji-ye Seo (Ji-ye is my Korean name^^)

    Let's be friends!

  4. What an awesome idea! I'm a new follower, found this through a different blog.

    My genre is mostly YA fiction, but I don't hold myself down to just that. If I feel like reviewing a thriller, I'm going to do it. My interests include dystopias, thrillers, horror, some mysteries, some romances, paranormal, psychological, and suspense.

    I'm currently getting back into writing, so I plan on including that process in my blog as well.

    My blog -
    Twitter - @lostalice7

  5. Hi, I'm Grace. I'm a new follower. I found your blog through your post on Evie's blog.

    My blog is called Feeding My Book Addiction. I do a few bookish memes each week, post book reviews of book I can get my hands on, and write about other book/reading topics that pop into my head.

    Here is my info:

    Twitter: @Jenica704
    Goodreads: Grace Onorato

  6. Hey Laura! Tricia here. I saw your post on Evie's page, and figured I'd post on your blog as well!

    I write YA/scifi & fantasy (my first novel, Wasteland is up at Smashwords), but my blog is full of randomness. Always something new and interesting (I hope)! :)


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